The “Europeanatelier“ is the idea to create a international community /platform for projects of artists, art educators, musicians, scientists….who are interested in a international cooperation.

It’s a international Community and platform for cultural projects of artists, educators, musicians, also scientists…who are interested in a international and intercultural cooperation.

It’s not another network only to change information also n a fixed artists group. It will be more an open community which realizes projects living from the innovations of the participants.

But if someone is more active or more waiting what will be happen is everyone’s decision.

There will be no obligations for participants.

There is no spatial limit (it’s not limited to Europe)

Most know English but there is no special common language. It’s more interested to use more languages and to look for translation.

Late there can be a decision if there is something like an official membership.

There can be proposals for themes, what can be interesting for example for common exhibitions.

My special interests are interdisciplinary projects …can be between art, music, humanities, science…


It’s a plastic process… may be the begin



Actual there is following plan:

1. Ask artists about their interest with the 1. Version of the concept

2. Revision of the concept

3. If there are some interested artists there will be an official start

4.  An own website

5. Later it would be helpful to establish an association, which can support the europeanatelier



Project options:







Certainly it is useful for various projects for cooperation partners to seek