Sound space Europe”

European Sound sculpture project

The imagination that people play music together at different places far away from each other but knowing that there are the others also playing is the basic idea of this project idea.

Therefore there will be a growing network of sound sculptures or installations which will be realized at different places in public spaces. They can be used by everyone so that there is a musical improvisation without limits but with a growing intensity and diversity.

These sound sculptures or installations are visual and acoustical interesting, diverse, original, specifically, and durable. Diverse materials will be used which have diverse acoustical possibilities. Sounds can produced by hitting, plunking, or in another way.

Essential is, that the sound sculptures „know“ from each other. They get a QR code with the link to a website on which you find the other places with the sculptures, the responsible institutions and artists. So it is also the possibility to organize appointments for events

It is technical possible to hear each other by transmission on these specials events too. Recordings and videos can put on the website.

Each place becomes an internationally networked creative place where, e.g. also workshops etc. are organized.

With its visual and acoustical intention there is an interdisciplinary field on which we look for its creative potential. Together with the sound sculptures arise sound spaces which emphasize the aspect of hearing in public art.

The project sees itself as a contribution to a European design culture from which something new can be generated in the cooperation of different approaches and traditions. It's all about teamwork by artists from different countries who are pursuing different or even complementary approaches in their work.